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Avocado is the fruit of avocado, Persea americana, and can be found on stalls in any season. The avocado is a fleshy exotic fruit obtained from the tropical tree of the same name.

Its soft, delicate flavor is appreciated in a variety of recipes with exotic accents. We could say it is like a "chameleon" fruit. Avocado is a climacteric fruit (it ripens with the ethylene it produces) and matures only after harvest.


Under fairly leathery skin hides a soft flesh, whose color varies from pale green to light brown, through straw yellow. It is better consumed when the softness of the matured pulp has a butter consistency. The process of maturation stops when put in refrigeration, but it still can not withstand with extremely low temperatures.

The challenge arising in the avocado’s trade is to control the process of maturation which is very fast, that's why we make use of post-harvest technologies in order to stop the climateric rise and the ethylene synthesis. Wax application can also improve the appearance and increase the fruit's shelf life by reducing the transpiration rate and metabolic activity.
Our fruits are all cleaned, without any mechanical or handling damage and allways have an incomparable flavor.

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