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This fruit could be called a super fruit. Guavas are delicious exotic fruits that are low in calories and extraordinarily enriched in Antioxidants, Vitamin C and Lycopene.

We commercialize some different guava varieties: Put in simple words, the flesh of the fruit can be pink or white in color being both of them equally tasteful. Our trees and fruits are free from any kind of pesticides or chemicals.

The fields are prepared to provide good aeration, optimal soil pH, no water stagnation, this way we can provide 3 crops a year for our clients.

Water supply at the proper time leads to higher fruit production with excellent plant growth.
Our harvesting is made at optimal time to avoid over-ripening of fruits that could deteriorate their quality and long-lasting properties.

Then, cleaning, grading and packing operations are made. We immediately send it to delivery or market right after harvesting in order to guarantee maximum freshness to our clients and customers.

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