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Carambola (Averrhoa carambola) is a tropical exotic fruit. Also called star fruit, due to its star-shaped format when cut on cross section.

The trees usually grow to 3 - 6 metres tall but sometimes reach a height of 10+ metres.

Fruits are eaten fresh, in salads or in juices. Also widely used as decoration for drinks,  cocktails and desserts. Rich in Vitamin A and C, a standard fruit measures around 15 cm.

We collect and choose only the best fruits in early stages at trees in order to attain a vivid green fruit color together with great exotic flavor.

Adelpho Fruits is serious about quality and standardization of production. Due to enviromental and healthy concerns, our fruits are completely free from any kind of pesticide use or the presence of any pathogens. Also, the aspect of the skin is one of our main concerns, which in case is very soft and prone to damage, and perfect condition is attained through careful supervised handling and packing.

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