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Our goal is to supply fruits that positively impact the lives of the people we serve.

Founded in Brazil, Adelpho Fruits has 3 main Farms/Head Quarters in Valinhos, Sao Paulo. We, and our partners also operate in other several facilities across our country and South America, some of them set in Taquariting/SP, Petrolina/PE, Linhares/ES and Livramento de Nossa Senhora/BA and Equador to name a few.

One of our main concerns is to mantain our employees extremely qualified and trained. Adelpho Fruits has acquired a vast knowledge in fruit production regarding the most high quality standards: hygiene practices, durability, freshness and sustainable acts. Irrigation methods that are used for our fruits are drip technology or micro-aspersion sprinklers accordingly to the most up to date sustained environmental farming practices.
Today, our company supplies fruits to the most diverse set of clients around the globe.

Our extraordinay chain of products, packing/storage lines and rigid control over quality are factors that make Adelpho Fruits a world class supplier and a reference of excellence in the farming sector.

Know a little more about our certificates and programs below

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