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Our Art and Excellence are fruit made.

Adelpho Fruits has been part of Brazilian state of art farming for as long as anyone can remember.

Adelpho Fruits emerged in late 90's but our legacy is fresher than ever.

Shure, there´s a vintage vibe to our fruits: the care, the attention to picking and packing details. But there's a new world where we are also fully prepared to offering the most advanced farming and commercial practices of late times. Natural and sustainable methods allied with the most modern agriculture technology.

We started out our business in mid 60's in Valinhos, Brazil. A blessed region located in Sao Paulo State near Campinas, a region very rich in soil nutrients, bright sun, optimal rain and superb access to transportation.

The Adelpho family remains, 4 generations later, one of the top suppliers of the most exquisite range of fruits for the brazilian nation and several countries overseas. With several packing facilities and receiving facilities, we employ and work together with 200+ families, always promoting sustainable acts, careful picking and packing with a fast and efficient delivery.

We’ve especialized in promoting amazing tropical and exotic fruits like figs, guavas, star fruits, caquis, mangos, pitayas, pineapples, papayas, grapes, granadillas and many more.

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